Example of what’s possible when you have vision

Here is a great example of what it looks like to make a difference worldwide. This is what I am looking to do in the MLM industry.




Laws of Attraction

Imagining what you want is like creating a  model to instruct your brain  on how to attract it.

We were given an imagination to create things.   When you spend time thinking of what you want instead of what you don’t want your very cells change.  Life seeks energy, awareness and love.  Each situation teaches us more about who we are.  The degree of focus on the end result we want will decide how fast we gain the knowledge that will get us to our desires.  We all have the ability to visualize the process which can transform energy from negative to positive. There are waves of energy all around us.  Think of yourself as a radio and learn to set the dial and receive information and ideas on what you want.  If you want to become successful, experience greater health, peace and understanding get quiet and set your intent and then act on any ideas that come to you.


 When I was broke, depressed and working midnight to 7 am in a factory

I felt I was in prison without any hope of parole. On my breaks I would read the books on Law of Attraction and picture myself flying first class all over the world with my family.  One of my biggest visualization was going to Africa and Sir Lanka to hang out with the elephants.  I didn’t know how I was going to do this but the books all said I didn’t have to worry about that and to just see myself where I wanted to be. Knowledge resides within  us, if we don’t like something that is  going  on in our lives, change the channel to see exactly what you want.  ACT on any ideas or feelings you have to do something.  Maybe it’s to go out and get the books that will help you tap into that Universal energy that’s all around us.

Have belief in yourself.



How to establish a Daily Method of Operation

Here is a recent question I received asking me about what was my Daily Method of Operation:


Hi Chris Carley I am Sujay Nader from India. I am associated with herbalife since last 2 years and working currently on the world team level. I just want to know the work routine u followed in the early days? Also what were the tools that you used and what were the dmo’s you used t build the multi-million dollar business today? How to get to the president team level at the earliest, because i read that you reached it quickly in just 13 months?



No I reached Chairmans level in my third year.  I have a book coming out in about 2 weeks that will tell u everything in detail. I am not sure of all the rules Herbalife has on advertising so you have to check with them but I was so broke I had to hand write flyers and posters that said: FREE SAMPLES! Will Power in a bottle. Lose weight feel great. I recruited from my retail base, gave the people who had lost weight leads from my posters. I would go out at midnight so I wouldn’t be hit by cars and put posters on telephone poles where thousands would be driving by. There to also my audio trainings on Chriscarley.wordpress.com that covers my DMO. Bottom line sell only a lead in product that the person will feel immediately that’s $30 because everyone can afford that then ask for referrals and listen to their and their loved one health issue and recommend the product they need most. get everyone a product result, register them with the company to buy for wholesale to help generate leads for your new person and get cash in their pocket right away.


Japan Training

Here is a training I did in Japan.  There is a ton of great information in here that you can use for your business today.

If you have questions about anything that you heard in this training fill out the form below and myself or one of my representatives will get in touch with you.