Example of what’s possible when you have vision

Here is a great example of what it looks like to make a difference worldwide. This is what I am looking to do in the MLM industry.




Laws of Attraction

Imagining what you want is like creating a  model to instruct your brain  on how to attract it.

We were given an imagination to create things.   When you spend time thinking of what you want instead of what you don’t want your very cells change.  Life seeks energy, awareness and love.  Each situation teaches us more about who we are.  The degree of focus on the end result we want will decide how fast we gain the knowledge that will get us to our desires.  We all have the ability to visualize the process which can transform energy from negative to positive. There are waves of energy all around us.  Think of yourself as a radio and learn to set the dial and receive information and ideas on what you want.  If you want to become successful, experience greater health, peace and understanding get quiet and set your intent and then act on any ideas that come to you.


 When I was broke, depressed and working midnight to 7 am in a factory

I felt I was in prison without any hope of parole. On my breaks I would read the books on Law of Attraction and picture myself flying first class all over the world with my family.  One of my biggest visualization was going to Africa and Sir Lanka to hang out with the elephants.  I didn’t know how I was going to do this but the books all said I didn’t have to worry about that and to just see myself where I wanted to be. Knowledge resides within  us, if we don’t like something that is  going  on in our lives, change the channel to see exactly what you want.  ACT on any ideas or feelings you have to do something.  Maybe it’s to go out and get the books that will help you tap into that Universal energy that’s all around us.

Have belief in yourself.



How to Explode Your Business with little to no Money!!

Here is a training I did in Miami that will show you exactly how I was able to explode my business with almost no money.  Enjoy!!



How to establish a Daily Method of Operation

Here is a recent question I received asking me about what was my Daily Method of Operation:


Hi Chris Carley I am Sujay Nader from India. I am associated with herbalife since last 2 years and working currently on the world team level. I just want to know the work routine u followed in the early days? Also what were the tools that you used and what were the dmo’s you used t build the multi-million dollar business today? How to get to the president team level at the earliest, because i read that you reached it quickly in just 13 months?



No I reached Chairmans level in my third year.  I have a book coming out in about 2 weeks that will tell u everything in detail. I am not sure of all the rules Herbalife has on advertising so you have to check with them but I was so broke I had to hand write flyers and posters that said: FREE SAMPLES! Will Power in a bottle. Lose weight feel great. I recruited from my retail base, gave the people who had lost weight leads from my posters. I would go out at midnight so I wouldn’t be hit by cars and put posters on telephone poles where thousands would be driving by. There to also my audio trainings on Chriscarley.wordpress.com that covers my DMO. Bottom line sell only a lead in product that the person will feel immediately that’s $30 because everyone can afford that then ask for referrals and listen to their and their loved one health issue and recommend the product they need most. get everyone a product result, register them with the company to buy for wholesale to help generate leads for your new person and get cash in their pocket right away.


Japan Training

Here is a training I did in Japan.  There is a ton of great information in here that you can use for your business today.

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Pay it Forward Training

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How to Talk to 10,000 People a Day

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Work From Home, Marketing Success

It’s very easy to become negative, feel frustrated and give up on our dreams

If you keep in the forefront of your mind that hundreds of thousands of people have achieved their financial, health and personal goals, you’ve got to know that they aren’t smarter, luckier or work harder than you, THEY JUST KNOW  MORE.  All you have to do to Realize your Dreams is obtain the knowledge.  Copy Success.

pg4 large incomes have allowed travel and giving back

 Growing up, my dad was laid off several times from his factory job at Boeing

There was a lot of fighting about money and we were taught that money did not grow on trees, but because of the constant books on success I started reading at a very young age, I knew that money could grow on trees if you owned your own business.  If so many people had achieved success all I needed to figure out was HOW they had done it. My driving force was my family.  If I could make enough money I could stop the hard times and my Dad wouldn’t’ have to go to the job he disliked every day.   I stumbled around for years,   until I finally found a product that changed my health, I dropped 40 pounds but then couldn’t figure HOW to earn the millions the top people in the company were telling us we could make. Finally, I stood up in a ‘training’ meeting where I had been charged money to sit in a room with thousands of other want-to-be-millionaires and listen to people who had started with the company tell me how great it was to be making millions.  Attending every event, Sharing a hotel rooms across the Untied States with 3-5 people–sleeping in the closet or the bathtub because all  of us were spending our last dollars to learn HOW, I finally got so fed up that I stood up in the middle of an event (they never allowed Q & A) and said  to the speaker:  “Excuse me.  HOW Exactly  did you fill a room with prospects?”  The speaker tried to ignore me and I was very embarrassed but I had spent money I didn’t have to be trained and the six or seven events I had gone to before in the last year that promised we would all learn HOW to make money had left me  with a really  bad taste in my soul because they never taught any of us HOW.    As hard as it was to be the only one standing in the audience,  I asked again, “You keep talking about how much money you have made, how big your houses and expensive your cars are, but this whole weekend NO ONE has taught any of us HOW to do what you did.  PLEASE. How did you get your first customers, HOW did you build your business? ”  He instructed me to go to my upline.  I laughed.  “My upline won’t return my calls, neither will her upline or the upline above her.”  Sadly, he refused to answer me, but at a break he came up to me and told me to go  get the book: Think and Grow Rich. I was angry, how could a book about thinking teach me how to become successful?  Disinhearted with the entire business, I almost quit.  I prayed, asking God to help me and a little voice inside me said: “What will it hurt to  go  get  that  book…”  I didn’t know where  I was going  to get my rent money that month, and not having the money to buy the book, I went to the library and not only checked out that book, but saw an old, old book: The Magic Of Believing by Claude Bristol and two other books he wrote and checked them out too.  I devoured those books and they lead me to books on  advertising where I learned if I had FREE SAMPLES in my advertising and Money -back guarantee, the people calling my ads would triple.  The books taught me HOW  TO  negotiate an ad, how to test a small $8.00 ad and turn it into thousands of dollars.  I learned that if an ad paid for itself, I not only kept it in, I called the newspapers and ran the city next to where I lived and I negotiated a better price than the salesman quoted me because the books taught me they were on commission.  I learned to OWN MY OWN BACKYARD, that if I advertised in my own zip code, met the people, helped them lose weight and feel better, they went out and helped others.  My success was fast.  I didn’t want to talk to friends and family, I didn’t want to be pitching people, bugging them to buy my products, I wanted them calling me.  I got tired of repeating myself and I made a tape of what I was saying and instead of doing one on one presentations like the company was teaching, I let the tapes do the talking for me while I slept, played, worked out.  If I  heard someone at the gym, bank, grocery store, restaurant or wherever I was, say they were tired, or hated their job or wanted to lose weight, I handed them my flyer (see my ads on www.chriscarley.com.  check with your company that these are legal to use) and instead of ‘pitching’ them on my product or business  (I only wanted to talk to SERIOUS people, I didn’t want to waste my time) I told them if they were serious about wanting more money, health or weight loss to call and get a free sample.  When they called, I told them if they had five friends that wanted to experience more energy, feel great and lose at least five pounds, they would all get free samples and if they bought, they could earn their product for free.  Everyone that called, I had them all show up in my tiny apartment at the same time…because it created energy, it allowed me to talk to dozens of people a day and later thousands of people a day instead of what the company was teaching…10 people a day.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get that if the top people in the company have been talking to 10 people a day for 15 years, I couldn’t catch them.  Catch them I did and broke all company records in my third year, earning my first million.

  To be successful all you need to do is copy success

Take a good look at what you are buying, what gets you to try a product.  Study what comes in your mail month after month because if you continue to get see it  in your mail, that advertisement is working and you just need to copy it.  If you are broke, do what I did.  To this day flyers and posters still work! (again, check with the legal statues of your city and company).  In Florida, I had a 2 million dollar waterfront home but if we didn’t put NO Solicitation on our property, individuals could leave advertisements.  One day I got a flyer for security peep holes.  I had a massive front door but could never tell who was ringing my door bell…the  person who had left the flyer came over and after he had installed my peep hole I was so happy with his entrepreneurial spirit, I told him how I had built my business the same way. I use to bag my weight loss flyers into little plastic bags with a rock and throw them onto driveways at night when no one could see me.  I had copied what I learned from a gal we called: Candice  the  Rock Thrower.  She had earned over $10,000 in one month throwing her rock advertisements!  It said: FREE SAMPLES!  Lose weight feel great.  I lost 24 pounds in 4 weeks.  Because I was so happy with his service, attitude, I wrote him up a recommendation letter, signed it and told him to make  copies  and leave them at all the houses on my island.  That letter doubled his business and he listened to me when I advised him to ask each person to write him a letter after their installation.  At my home on the gold course in AZ, I got  flyer for housekeeping and one for lawn maintaince all of which I still use to this day. The bottom line here is, whatever business you are in, to be successful you have to advertise.  Being broke isn’t a good excuse.  Mattel, Famous Amos, Mrs. Field Cookies, Microsoft, Dell and hundreds of thousands of successful people started their business out of their garage, dorm rooms or homes. I met Ron Rice the owner of Hawaiian Tropic.  He started that company in his garage at age 40 by mixing baby oil with motor oil.  Study success.  READ or listen to CD or DVD’s every day.  Know if they did it, if an ex Boeing factory worker, dyslexic, no college, overweight,  in a bad marriage, farm kid can,  YOU CAN TOO!



Don’t Let anyone steal your dreams!!


Here is a recent e-mail I received from my friend Tim:

Chris, glad you realized your dreams. My family stole my dreams a long time ago.. just didn’t know how to handle it.

My Response:

NO one can steal your dreams. YOU might think they are stolen but they are still there. They’ve been percolating. God’s been getting you ready for those seeds of greatness he planted in you. Go out and get that book: Break Out by Joel Osteen and Realize your Dreams right away. Be the person that does what unsuccessful people don’t. To this day I have people in my life that try and steal my dreams thinking they mean well, but because I constantly read and learn and re-enforce what I know..that things are always working out for me….for things to change I have to change. Not my family, ME, no one is able to steal my dreams including myself! Study, read, listen to the CD’s that all successful people listen too…

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What is the defining cause of what makes one person successful and the other not?

Is it talent, luck, circumstances?

There is no secret. The answer is Thought. what you think about, what you blog about, what you email, what you pass forward, what you text about creates energy that attracts more of the same (whatever you are putting out) to you.

Vibrational energy

Scientists have proven that everything has a vibration

They can hook up equipment to a rock that’s been in wars and can see it has a different vibration-a lower vibration–than a rock that has been in environments of kindness and love. If you’ve never seen the video: “What the bleep?”Google it, it’s amazing. Two separate drops of water are put under two different microscopes. The first water drop receives loving, positive and kind words, the second drop of water is yelled at and gets negative words. That second drop of water viewed under the microscope is an ugly, nasty yellow color the first drop is a brilliant gorgeous white blue, shining drop of water. If your health isn’t good or your finances are crap, your relationships aren’t what you want,look for one thing in life that is good. Dwell on that, blog on that, email about that, talk about that, put Facebook messages about that. Give thanks for every good thing you have. I can remember going through a terrible time in my life where I had to get up and say I am so thankful that I have two arms and two legs and two eyes. If you become the person that does not pass on negative things does not let a friend or loved one go on and on about the bad health, bad relations but instead interrupts that thought, reminds the person that they’ve got wonderful children or a beautiful home or a new grand baby that is the one thing that will help that person the most. 

The biggest reason why my group broke all records so quickly in an industry that has a huge drop out and failure rate

Was because we appreciated each other, we cared for each other we helped each other. I learned that even though you help someone it does not mean that they in turn will help you But I did find that in helping people it not always came back from that person but it came back somewhere else, through someone else a hundred fold. 

Bottom-line: focus on the good in people, appreciate what’s going right in your life.

You’ll find quickly the right person comes along, the right opportunity, A good break appears out of nowhere, answers to health issues come your way. Success will track you down. Your subconscious and unconscious mind are very, very powerful. They are wired into the Universal Intelligence from birth Source. God. Your brain does not know when something isn’t real. if you picture what you want, if you put up pictures of your dreams all around your home, in your car, on your mirror on the refrigerator, on the toilet, your subconscious and your unconscious works on bringing this to you.  You do not need to know how, you need to just understand this proven scientific fact. Let me prove this to you right now: think about peeling a lemon…think about biting into that lemon and chewing it and chewing it and chewing it. You aren’t really doing it , but your body and your mind reacts as if you are! you start to salivate, picture the juice taste running down the back of your throat…Actors use this principle to cry on cue. they picture in their mind a loved one dying, a Family pet suffering. It’s not really true, but the body doesn’t know the difference of what the mind is picturing. Scientists have proved that just picturing health changes the chemistry in your body which affects the cells to the point of the healthy ones becoming stronger. Einstein talks about this. he pictured his end results. he would take naps and wake up with answers. Knowledge is power. tap into that Universal Intelligence, reconnect with Source. God. go within. Once you get this principal things will change for you immediately.

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